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Prosocial is the first change method based on evolutionary science to enhance cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes that’s effective at a global scale

Prosocial is the only change method that actually uses the latest developments in evolutionary science to achieve its goals. ‍

While evolutionary science focuses on adaptations of individuals and groups over time, it also provides a set of practical tools to help groups of all sorts function better and adapt to ever-changing environments. ‍ Prosocial harnesses these tools in an evidence-based method for increasing motivation, satisfaction and productivity among group members in many contexts.

The method is a powerful approach to improving outcomes for groups of all sizes and can help groups work with other groups to expand the scale of positive change--ultimately to the scale of the whole earth. ‍

Our interactive course, taken with the help of a facilitator, will start you and your group on this path. You can also forge your own path to positive change by becoming a facilitator and joining a worldwide community to catalyze greater harmony in all walks of life.

Our Pillars

The Prosocial Path
Our interactive course for groups will clarifies their purpose and create alignment around their goals and values-even in the presence of competing interests among members.
Facilitator Training
Anyone who works with groups can become a trained Prosocial facilitator, adding to their existing toolkit. Prosocial is designed to complement, not compete, with other change methods.
A Worldwide Community
Working together, we can evolve our methods and create positive change on a global scale, starting with single groups and multi-group cultural ecosystems.
Prosocial provides a set of practical tools to help groups adapt to ever-changing environments.

Who is Prosocial for?

Business teams

in all kinds of settings. Our method plays well alongside Agile and many other management practises.

Self-organising groups

such as community groups, political movements, non-hierarchical groups with complex structures.

Groups in conflict

Prosocial is designed to balance conflicting interests and align members around a shared purpose.

Groups expanding

Our method helps clearly outline goals and internal processes, making it easier to onboard newcomers.

New groups

Prosocial is the ideal first step for any new group, building a strong foundation from day one.

Anyone who works with groups can be part of Prosocial