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Prosocial Spirituality trains groups in both evolutionary principles and contemplative practices. The training is applicable to groups of any size and in any settings. The training was originally developed as a research initiative to explore the integration of the 8 core design principles of Prosocial and the 9 elements of universal spirituality. There are three training programs that will be offered.

Research Initiative Training -
This training is available only to groups participating in the research program.                                                   


Group Training -
Prosocial Spirituality training is available to any groups and will be led by a trained Prosocial Spirituality facilitator.           


Facilitator Training
We are in the process of developing a facilitator training program for those interested in becoming a trained Prosocial Spirituality facilitator. Our aim is to begin our first training program sometime in Q4 of 2020. It will consist of a ten-week online course. For more information on training programs you can visit the Prosocial Spirituality Community.                                      


Prosocial Spirituality Community
We are building a community of facilitators, researchers and groups to share the collective wisdom gained from groups applying the core design principles and interspiritual elements of Prosocial Spirituality. We encourage the sharing of individual and collective experience with the aim of maximizing the benefits of cooperation, including:
● Online resources for facilitators to work with their groups. ● Advanced training and mentoring opportunities.
● Collaborative research on individual and multi-group implementation projects

For more information on training and to receive updates on Prosocial Spirituality programs, join our free Prosocial Spirituality Community.

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