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We are exploring the integration of evolutionary science and evolutionary spirituality. 

Who we are

David Sloan Wilson

David is a co-founder of Prosocial World, President of the Evolution Institute and SUNY Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology of Binghamton University, part of the State University of New York. He has made foundational contributions to evolutionary theory and to the study of evolution in relation to human affairs.

He is widely credited for reviving and developing the theory of multi-level selection, which provides a framework for studying the evolution of prosociality in all species. His collaboration with Elinor Ostrom provides part of the theoretical foundation for the Prosocial project. In addition to his role as lead developer of Prosocial, David enjoys serving as facilitator for groups as diverse as schools, businesses, and environmental organizations.

Paul Atkins, Ph.D

Paul Atkins, Ph.D. is project coordinator and lead facilitator trainer for Prosocial. He lives in Australia where he is a facilitator, trainer, executive coach and researcher. He is director of the training arm of Prosocial.World - the Prosocial Institute. Paul is a Visiting Associate Professor at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. His work has featured in many of the world’s leading management and psychology journals as well as in two books: " Mindfulness in Organizations" and " Prosocial: Using Evolutionary Science to Build Productive, Equitable, and Collaborative Groups"   Paul is past President of the Australia and New Zealand Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS) and a Fellow of the international ACBS.

Paul's main interest in applying Prosocial is in the context of sustainability and education. He regularly works iwth community groups, schools, universities and  is currently working with a large Catholic K-12 school to implement Prosocial for the teachers and eventually, the students. He is also engaged in a large project exploring how School Principal wellbeing might be improved through methods such as Prosocial.

Jeff Genung

Jeff is co-founder of Contemplative Life, a non-profit organization that connects people and communities with transformative practices, and co-founder of, an experiential practice network. He serves on the board of Prosocial World as treasurer. Most recently, he launched Prosocial Spirituality, a training and research initiative exploring the integration of evolutionary science and evolutionary spirituality. ​

Jeff has spent decades as an entrepreneur and technology executive. He has created and managed partnerships with some of the world’s largest brands including Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, IBM, SAP, HP, Dell, and dozens of other Fortune 100 companies. For decades, Jeff has studied and applied contemplative practices from around the world. He has also created many short films on practice. He is currently focused on exploring the integration of science and spirituality, the arts, and technology, with the aim of creating a more balanced and caring world for all.

Kate Sheehan Roach

Kate Sheehan Roach was honored to craft the curriculum and serve as facilitator to the very first Prosocial Spirituality group training. Having taught history at both the college and high school level, she began her editorial career with Bedford Books of St. Martin’s Press and later served as founding editor of Contemplative Journal and managing editor of the Spirituality channel at

She’s now Director of Content for, a founding core team member of, and the unofficial wordsmith for Prosocial Spirituality. She holds a BA with honors in American Studies from Mount Holyoke College and an MA with high honors in History from the University of Connecticut. Kate lives on the edge of Philadelphia with her family of four humans, two felines, and an overgrown canine.

Ian F. MacDonald

Ian is currently overseeing Prosocial data collection efforts and developing his practice as a cultural design consultant. His background straddles the realms of evolutionary psychology and cultural evolutionary science, and he received his PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior from Binghamton University in 2018. Ian’s taught a range of undergraduate evolutionary science courses and studied social behaviour in a variety of species, from song birds to feral goats to humans. As an avid gardener and licensed small greenhouse grower, when not Prosocial’ising Ian can be found outside and/or reading books on Permaculture.