This is a prosocial community to share ideas, best practices, and the desire to make the world a more harmonious place for every living thing in it. 


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Why is it called the Prosocial ARC?


The Prosocial ARC is a unique, practical, applied, behavioral approach that contributes to a significant worldwide research effort using evolutionary theory as a unifying theoretical framework wherein purpose is a function of three levels: 

  1. Awareness of the personal interior 
  2. Relationship quality
  3. Culture we create in groups using the CDPs

The Prosocial book (Atkins et al., 2019) explains these modules in more depth. The Prosocial ARC process is designed to be flexible. You can adjust how you implement it and use the modules in any order, or any combination, to suit your context. 

Prosocial Facilitator Training teaches all five modules of the Prosocial ARC:

  1. The personal ACT Matrix
  2. The collective ACT Matrix
  3. The Core Design Principles
  4. Goal setting and tracking
  5. Research tools

You may be wondering why we felt the need to start calling it the Prosocial ARC. Well, the decision was made with great care but is also flexible as we work more closely together, share our ideas and best practices, and grow Prosocial World.

The Prosocial ARC is the foundation of training that Prosocial World provides. Here’s what we were thinking:

We needed to provide some clarity by moving away from using the generic term, “prosocial” and making it interchangeable with the training, Prosocial World website, and PW as an organization.

  • We learn the ARC Process in Prosocial Facilitator Training (PFT)
  • The website is “prosocial dot world.”
  • Prosocial World or PW is the entity or non-profit organization that manages the community and offers the training.

We needed to use specific language to define and differentiate this Prosocial World offering as the unique program based in evolutionary science, contextual behavioral science and Ostrom’s generalized core design principles.

We incorporated the word, “noticing” into our use of the ACT Matrix because we knew awareness was a critical keystone upon which we considered our relationships to our inner and outer worlds and to each other in the context of the agreements we make to maintain the agreed-upon culture of our group using the CDPs. Awareness. Relationships. Culture – ARC.

We hope this helps clarify why we changed the name and how the Prosocial ARC Process helps define and differentiate this powerful, scalable method to help groups of all kinds and sizes work better together.


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What does a Prosocial facilitator do?

Currently, Prosocial is designed to work with groups with the help of trained facilitators, who guide group members through the three steps of the Prosocial Path and optimally stay in touch with the group over the long term. Facilitators can be physically present with the group or can participate remotely through the Internet.  


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Prosocial is designed to work with groups of any size. Trained facilitators guide group members through the three steps of the Prosocial Path. Facilitators can be physically present with the group or can participate virtually through video conferenccing and through Prosocial's private social network.

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